Friday, July 14, 2006

haXe Remoting with Erlang + Yaws

Yesterday, Yaws version 1.64 was released. This version contains the haXe remoting code I contributed, so now Erlang developers can benefit from haXe's great capabilities for AJAX/Flash client development.

Go get your hands on the latest version of Yaws at For documentation on how to use this feature, visit

haXe remoting brings Erlang one step closer to being The server language for high-end web applications -- not just for its scalability, high-availability, clustering, soft real-time communications, fault tolerance, etc -- but also for rapid development.

You should know that haXe is also moving fast towards providing a platform for full desktop clients development -- not just web clients. There are two projects to keep an eye on: ScreenWeaver HX and xinf. I don't know how mature they are at the moment, but in a couple of months everything can change. These desktop frameworks use the NekoVM for the runtime, so I wouldn't rule out developers' using Neko <-> Erlang RPC any time soon.

Where do I see this going? I don't know of a better set of technologies for building Comet apps, which let the server push messages to the client by keeping the connections alive (due to Erlang's approach to concurrency, Yaws scales in this scenario far better than any other webserver I know). This technique finally lets you break the old request->response cycle, thereby blurring the line between traditional web applications and the rapidly evolving space of instant messaging applications.

One concerete possibility is massively multiplayer online games with browser-based clients. Many types of collaboration and instant communication applications could use this great hybrid as well. (My imagination is limited. I have no doubt we'll see amazing apps that I have no ability to predict :) )

If I only had the time to build all the apps I want to build...

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