Sunday, August 20, 2006

Smerl Has A New Home

Smerl started as an rough idea, then became an experiment, and now it has grown into pretty powerful library. I think Smerl only scratches the surface of what one can do with Erlang metaprogramming, but I want to keep Smerl simple ('Smerl' is, after all, an acronym for Simple Metaprogramming for Erlang), so I'm not planning on adding many feature to Smerl at the moment.

(I will implement fixes and tweaks to make Smerl's current features easier to use but I'm not planning on adding new features unless they have a compelling value, e.g. metacurrying.)

To make it easier for others to follow Smerl's evolution (and to contribute to Smerl, if they wish ;) ), I have decided to move Smerl to, where it will live in a subversion repository and enjoy other amenities for "real" projects, such as an issue tracking system.

Without further ado, here's Smerl's new home:

I will keep blogging about Smerl. To see only Smerl-related articles, you can visit (which also has a corresponding RSS/Atom feed).

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