Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Traffic Records

The picture says it all.

This is weird.

When I started blogging about Erlang, I enjoyed being in a small niche of bloggers that write about "exotic" languages. I've never thought my blog would get all this attention. Sometimes, I don't like all this attention :) However, you don't always get in life what you've expected, so I'll do my best to enjoy the ride.

Erlang is just getting started. Erlang will make huge strides into the web development world. We will build frameworks that make Erlang developer's lives easy, if not easier, than those of Ruby on Rails developers. Ruby on Rails didn't exist two years ago, and Erlang (with Yaws) is years ahead of where Ruby was when Rails was born. In a matter of months, Erlang will be a serious contender in the web development world -- not just for developers who want insane scalability with 3 milliseconds downtime per year -- but also for developers who just want to get things done.

Real-time interactivity on the web is a relatively unexploited land full of opportunities for adventerous developers. These days, building real-time interactive applications with Comet technology in any language but Erlang just makes no sense. Erlang has 20 years of development behind it with the specific design goal of building scalable servers. No other language comes close. It also makes development fun.

As Joe Armstrong has said, Erlangers have a head start.

Libraries are coming.


Frank said...

looking for it ;)

Damir said...

Speaking about web development with erlang, can one use html templates? Or is it just embedding html into out/1 (for now anyway... ;-) ?

Byron said...

Damir, here is some info on that.

Byron said...

The Yaws webserver provides php/asp-like embedded dynamic html content.

Byron said...

Darnit, network problems, sorry 'bout that. The second version with two links is the one I meant to post.

Anders said...

Oh, and full perl5 regexp syntax support.

Yariv said...

Guys, it's great to hear of other programmers deciding to adopt Yaws and voicing their real-world needs. Keep it up -- it will be rewarding.

The DB abstraction layer is in the pipeline :)

Yariv said...

Thanks Niklas. In the coming months, I'm going to be going full steam, building a webapp in Erlang and releasing all framework level code as open source. I think it's about time Erlang picks up some real momentum in the web framework department because less "worthy" languages have outpaced it in the past two years :)

I'm confident Erlang's popularity will only go up from here.