Thursday, August 17, 2006

Options for Erlang Webapp Hosting

If you're writing a webapp in PHP or Ruby, your have plenty of hosting options. By contrast, not a single company offers Erlang hosting AFAIK . This is a legitimate complaint I've heard from people who are new to Erlang and who want to use it for building a webapp.

Indeed, the web development community has largely overlooked Erlang -- which I'm trying to fix, btw :) -- but this doesn't mean that you're out of hosting options.

Here are the two good options for an Erlang/Yaws app I know of that you may find appealing:

  • The cheap option, which is great especially for the development phase, is to run your app on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This is actually a nice option for any kind of web development. I'm running this blog on a $20/month VPS server that I'm renting from JaguarPC. I think this is a pretty good package, at least from some research I've done on a while ago, but you might find something even better.

  • When your app is ready for production, you can run it on a rented dedicated server. Such servers are pretty cheap these days ($200-$400 a month IIRC). One interesting hosting provider you should know about is SoftLayer, which lets you set up a 1Gbps private network between multiple dedicated servers. This is ideal for running an Erlang cluster without all the headaches of setting up your own hardware. Softlayer has also been getting good buzz, at least when I've done my research a couple of months ago.

Having your own (virtual) server requires more work than a shared hosting plan, but I think it's great because it gives you full control. For people who are interested in Erlang, I think this is a good fit.

I hope you find this useful! Let me know if you know of any other alternatives.


Aslak said...

Great blog! You got me hooked on Erlang.
Stumbled over this as a hosting option:
Thanks for smerl by the way.

Roberto said...

I am testing my stuff currently on a layeredtech dedicated server for 70 $ a month. There is lots of positive talk about that provider at . With VPS (XEN) and Erlang I made bad experiences, because XEN patches the Kernel (especially the threaading stuff) I couldn't compile Erlang R11B with Hipe enabled on a XEN VPS.

Yariv said...

JaguarPC uses Virtuozzo, which I heard was a very good virtualization technology -- even better than XEN. I haven't had any trouble running debian on it. My 2c. :)

Alex said...

Just wondered if the situation finding Yaws-based hosting has improved since the last posts, as I'm in the process of redesigning my (company) website and would be a great move. I've been hosting with Yahoo! for the last three years and hasn't been bad, but I'm sure it could be better. Thanks!