Sunday, September 23, 2007


I just launched Vimagi, my first ErlyWeb app:

Painting is fun. Sharing paintings with your friends is also fun. Painting together with your friends is a new kind of fun you can have on Vimagi.

Give it a try and let me know what you think -- I'll appreciate the feedback.

Note: Vimagi is in early beta. It probably has many bugs. Please email me if you find any.


Simon Willison said...

In would be great if you could do something on the site without having to first create an account. In fact, it seems like you should be able to build the site so that most of its functionality can be accessed without signing in at all - when someone goes to create a new image, create them a random URL. Let them share that URL with friends who they want to collaborate on the image with (via IM or e-mail or whatever). Maybe let them "claim" the image and attach it to an account later on, if they want to. is an interesting example of this account-at-the-last-possible-moment design pattern.

Yariv said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that being able to paint without registering would lower the barrier to entry to the site. I'll have to think about how the "claiming" mechanism would work -- I'm a bit worried that users would lose their paintings after forgetting to claim them. Maybe the 'save' button would take them to the registation/login page if they aren't already logged in.

Dmitrii 'Mamut' Dimandt said...

Will you post a blog entry describing in detail how you created the site?

Yariv said...

Sure, I'll write something about the technical aspects of Vimagi. First, I wanted to get some people to use it and make sure it works :)

hashmap said...

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oilgarch said...

same here.

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Robin said...

Looks cool.

Are you doing any extra caching?

The term of service is verbose. :) Are you pedantic/pre-law, or did you use a generator for the terms of service?

Nice job.

Dennis said...

I knew you were up to something!

Looking forward to trying erlyweb...right now I'm about 200 pages into Joe's book.

Yariv said...

@Robin, I took the terms of service from and tweaked them a bit to suit the content of the site. I'm not pre-law, and I wasn't about to spend a lot of money on one :) If you know of a simpler template I can use, let me know.

I'm not doing caching now, but I will have to if the site starts getting a lot of traffic.

Frankie said...

I think the site has some great promise...if only you could find a competent designer / UI person...hmmmmm???

I think my one gripe is since there is such a focus on the painting component, I'd like to see a richer feature set painting app. It seems a little buggy now, which given the beta super early just launched nature of the site makes sense.

I like dude, Tov!

p.s. your captcha code doesn't work in FireFox...if I try to focus the cursor in the submit field, it jumps back to the comments box and inserts my text there. Workaround, I clicked and held the mouse on the submit field, and typed the captcha 1 handed.

Frankie said... down!!!

: (

Yariv said...

Thanks for the feedback. Vimagi indeed had some downtime, but it's back up and running. I need to fix the captcha issue on my blog, and also to improve the paint tools in Vimagi. I'm not sure I want to add much design to the site because I don't want the design to grab the attention, but the paintings. I may change my mind if somebody showed me a better design that didn't draw too much attention...