Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Favorite Lisps Poll Result

With 78 responses so far, here are the breakdowns for the responders' favorite Lisps:

Scheme: 41%
Common Lisp: 27%
LFE: 12%
Arc: 10%
Emacs Lisp: 6%
Clojure: 4%

You can see the full report here.

I thought that Common Lisp would get more votes Scheme (isn't CL more widely used?), but apparently I was wrong. Arc and LFE have made an impressive showing for their young age (but this is probably due to the bias of my blog readers).


Zach Beane said...

Where's the original poll announcement? Maybe Common Lisp users didn't find it. (I didn't know about it until I found this result page.)

Yariv said...

Sorry, I should have mentioned it. It was in the LFE announcement post. The poll is still open, though, so you can still vote. It'll close when it reaches 100 votes.