Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Triggit: Why Didn't I think of That?

Triggit received some great publicity last week. Triggit, a small startup in San Francisco, recently released a product makes it easy to add widgets and ads to any site by dragging and dropping -- no HTML editing required. I think it can really catch on among bloggers who are disinclined to muck around in mounds of PHP code in order to add some widgets to their blogs. I can also see this kind of technology fitting very well in sites like MySpace, where non tech-savvy users could use Triggit to effortlessly soup up their profiles.

Ryan Tecco, Triggit's CTO, told me Triggit uses Erlang for all the heavy lifting in the backend. You probably won't find this shocking, but I think using Erlang is a smart choice. Low latency, scalability and high availability are all essential for this kind of product: it's one thing to have performance/availability issues on *your* site, but it's much worse to let those issues affect other people's sites as well.

Finally, Triggit is an interesting data point on how very small teams can successfully use Erlang to achieve impressive results in a short time frame.

Update: I added this video with Triggit :)

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