Saturday, August 04, 2007

BeerRiot - The First ErlyWeb App

Many people may not know this, but ErlyWeb has an app.

It's called BeerRiot (, and its creator is Bryan Fink, whose been brewing it for a few months now (pun intended). He blogs about it at (My favorite quote: "To those who are considering Erlang and ErlyWeb as a framework for their website: just go for it.")

BeerRiot is the quintessential web destination for beer aficionados. It has a beer database, user-comments, votes, and tags. It even comes in black and white background flavors. The only feature it lacks is letting you taste the beers somehow -- I guess I'll have to add this capability to the ErlyWeb todo list :)

According to my highly unscientific and subjective performance tests, BeerRiot feels very fast. I measured page load time with YSlow, which reported just 0.2 seconds for the homepage.

Kudos to Bryan for making such a nice app, and for being the first person to create a production ErlyWeb app.


Craig Overend said...

My first thought was it's fast [even from Australia]. :) My second thought was it probably has little load being young. :) Though I do see it has a Facebook app so you never know...

p.s. For some strange reason I have to hold my mouse pointer in the captcha text area to enter it? Keeps losing focus. Is this on purpose? :)

Yariv said...

The CAPTCHA shouldn't force you to focus on it with the mouse. However, I see a bug where clicking on the CAPTCHA field causes the cursor to jump back to the comments field. Only hitting TAB causes the cursor to stay on the CAPTCHA field. That's annoying... I'll have to see if I can fix it.