Wednesday, July 11, 2007

San Francisco ErlLounge, Jul 18th

About a month ago, I packed my stuff, said farewell to Boston, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently live in the town of San Mateo, where occasionally cars drive by and people walk their dogs. It's very exciting. I will soon move to Palo Alto for a few months, and then who knows. Whatever it is, it won't be as lively as San Mateo.

I'm planning on attending the San Francisco ErlLounge on Jul 18th. Visit for details. You should attend if you can. I'll tell you thrilling stories about San Mateo. I promise.

On an unrelated note, the spammers got me beat, and I finally gave up and disabled comments on this blog. If you want to share your thoughts, you can email me at yarivsblog at gmail dot com.

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