Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ErlyWeb Tutorial by Brian Olsen

Brian Olsen has written a very nice tutorial showing how to create a simple blog application in ErlyWeb. You can read it at http://progexpr.blogspot.com/2006/12/erlyweb-blog-tutorial.html.

It seems that many developers who haven't used Erlang have the perception that it's only good for scaling and concurrency, so it's great to see other people appreciate Erlang (and ErlyWeb) for one if its greatest strengths: simplicity. He's what Brian wrote:

I hope you are seeing what I am seeing. ErlyWeb has INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL, since it avoids a lot of complexity. Any gaps we found thus far were easily plugged in. Even though ErlyWeb is new, this, so far, blows Rails out of the water in terms of brevity.

This is just what I've been trying to achieve with ErlyWeb. I'm happy to see this validation that my efforts have borne fruit.

When I was in Sweden, Joe Armstrong told me (tongue in cheek) that one thing he likes about the Erlang conference is that being surrounded by like-minded people gives you a strong indication that you're not insane.

Bring those indications on :)

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