Friday, October 27, 2006

ErlyDB 0.7.1, Revamped Driver 0.9.7, Smerl rev 29

ErlyDB 0.7.1
- Fixed a couple of reported bugs (you can look at the issue tracker for more information).
- Added a bunch of functions for getting field metadata from the database. You can look at erlydb\_base.erl and erlydb\_field.erl for more details.
- Added new functions for converting a record to an iolist and for setting its field values from property lists.
- Fixed a bug in the encoding of single digit date values.

Revamped MySQL Driver 0.9.7
- Fixed a bug whereby failed connection attempts could cause process leaks.
- Changed the translation of database null values from 'null' to 'undefined'.

Smerl rev 29
- Improved the module extension mechanism

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Loreto Parisi said...

Hi, I'm using the Erlang MySql driver to interconnecting ejabberd with a external MySql Database. I have some problems with the update statement, but probabily I made some mistakes.
I wrote something like this:

Result = mysql:fetch(p1, >),

case Result of
{updated, MysqlRes} ->
AffectedRows= mysql:get_result_affected_rows(MysqlRes),
?DEBUG("Rows Updated ~p",[AffectedRows]);

but I always have 0 for AffectedRows, even if the query went right.
What was wrong?