Monday, April 24, 2006

Hello World

I decided to catch up with the times and start a blog about programming, technology, philosophical musings and basically anything that comes to mind. I have learned so much -- especially about programming -- from reading other people's blogs, so I wanted to give something back by sharing some of my knowledge with the rest of the world.
Plus, I've recently grown quite concerned with the shortage of time-wasting distractions made available to members of the modern workforce by the severely underutilized technology called the World Wide Web, so I decided I'll have to do my part to mitigate the situation by providing a worthwhile destination for my faithful readers as they stare at their browsers' hopelessly blank address bars contemplating whether Solitaire is about to make a comeback in their lives.


This is me, at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, with Alcatraz in the background:
At Fisherman's Wharf


seth said...

Hey Yariv - I'm one of the founders of meebo. We just launched a *very* large ejabberd implementation at (you did say we should use erlang, right? :) ). I noticed that you're definitely an expert in the area and would love to chat. Thanks! Seth

James Aspinwall said...

Hi Yariv, what is your opinion on CouchDB. It seems a cool implementation in Erlang.

Vu said...

ErlyWeb: The Erlang Twist on Web Framworks <- Frameworks